About Us

JIWON CHOI is a Seoul-based namesake jewelry collection established in 2018. Blending femininity and masculinity, JIWON CHOI creates sculptural jewelry pieces drawing inspiration from love and heartbreak, sprinkled with humor. The brand has initially started out to make jewelry that would act as psychological armor and send hopeful energy to wearers. Embracing asymmetry and individuality, JIWON CHOI utilizes universal symbols, bilingual identity in jewelry pieces and they are often single pieces that can be worn alone or layered in a harmonious composition. As a South Korean brand, JIWON CHOI emphasizes working closely with the local expert goldsmiths at the historical jewelry production site in Seoul, Jong-Ro, and combines traditional techniques and innovative digital processes.

The Designer

Seoul-born Jiwon Choi is the jewelry designer and creative director of JIWON CHOI. She earned a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and studied luxury and craftsmanship at the École cantonale d'art de Lausanne. During her studies, Jiwon’s accessory design was selected by Pascale Mussard, the director of Petit h, and produced by Hermès in 2016. With her experiences in luxury brands and design, Jiwon Choi launched her namesake brand inspired by spontaneity, playfulness and elegance of contemporary culture. At her studio located in the heart of Seoul, Jiwon creates pieces with whimsical symbols and positive messages with sunny disposition. Her jewelry promises fair trade production by retaining local artisans and supporting their skills.

Worldwide Distribution

현재 이 웹사이트는 국내 전용 판매 채널입니다. 해외 배송 및 해외 결제시스템이 원활하게 이뤄지기 위해 해외 기반으로 거주하시는 고객님들께는 글로벌 웹사이트 www.jiwonchoi.com 을 이용해 주시길 바랍니다.

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